Music Lessons For Every Age 

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Available for adults and kids! Expand your natural talents with training by a professional, improve your stage presence, increase your self esteem in front of an audience, and learn how to meet your inner potential as a musician. Additional options include coaching in songwriting and Voice & Piano combination lessons. My vocal coaching style incorporates classical training as a base, while also allowing contemporary, pop, jazz and blues repertoire, encouraging the student to learn skills such as improvisation and "making the song their own". My piano coaching style varies from child to adult and includes learning to read music, music theory, reading chord charts, and duets. All levels and abilities welcomed ages 10-110.



Music lessons are for everyone, but sometimes some adaptations need to be made. I provide voice and piano lessons for kids and adults with special needs as Music Therapy enrichment. All levels and abilities welcomed ages 8 and up.


Create positive beginning music experiences for your kids! Specifically designed for kids ages 4-10, these sessions provide evidence based and goal directed music experiences that encourage musical, social, cognitive, communication and motor skill development. Sessions include singing, instrument play on piano, guitar & ukulele, drumming, rhythm & note reading, improvisation and songwriting all packaged up in fun! Individual, sibling and full family sessions are available as well as Group sessions and Kids Rock! Birthday parties. 







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