Music Therapy & Group Drumming- Cape Cod

Sarah jane

Life Rhythm Music Therapy currently has a few limited openings of availability for Music Therapy services and Group Drumming Experiences on Cape Cod.

A Music Therapy typical session involves a board certified-music therapist (MT-BC) facilitating evidence-based, therapeutic music interventions. The interventions are designed to address the client's non-musical goals. Goals and objectives are specifically tailored to each client's needs and follow their individualized treatment plan based on an initial formal evaluation. The therapist utilizes client preferred and age appropriate music; be it jazz or rap, classical or country, nursery rhymes or war time oldies.     


Goals Addressed may include:

Music Interventions may include:

Assessment- Assessment is provided at a flat rate for service and includes: 

Clinical Work Description

Group Drumming Sessions 

Music Therapy Consultation Services

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