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Music Tools! "All Done, It's Time To Move On" ... Working through transitions

Two of my son's first words were "all done" and "more". These came through sign or speak, sometimes a simple statement and sometimes one with .... (sigh)... quite a bit of gusto and emotion! As he has grown and developed "all done" has transformed into so many things. As a toddler it has become a very expressive statement to say the least! 

Sometimes kids have trouble with transitions from one situation to another. This song might help ease that transition by introducing a familiar melody for a wide range of situations. You can insert the appropriate words you need for your situation, at that time! 

Here's how it goes...
"All done, it's time to move on. 
It's time for us to go. 
All done, it's time to move on. 
It's time for us to go. 
It's time for us to go"

But that's not all! You can use this melody and utilize many different directions. 


Time to eat lunch...
Time to get your socks on...
Time to leave the store now...
Whatever your need at that moment at that time as a caregiver. 
This helps in our house and I hope it might help in yours too. 
Thanks for being you and making music with me

Music Tools: The Tambourine Song... for improving gross motor and social skills. Bringing you music tools for early childhood & kids with special needs

In my history of music therapy, education, and training I have quite a few songs in my tool belt to use in my classes. Some of them I can't pinpoint who wrote it, but I know where I first learned it. That's the case with this fun song simply titled "The Tambourine Song"! When I was studying Music Therapy at California State University Northridge, I had the honor of working with Julie Berghofer, NRMT, a music therapist with over 20 years experience in the pediatric field, and Assistant Director of the Music Therapy Wellness Clinic at CSUN. She used this song is her sessions with kids with special needs, but I think it's excellent for many ages and abilities.

The lyrics are so simple and state exactly what is happening.

"What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing today? We're taking turns on the tambourine, taking turns today. (Billy) can play, (Andy) can play, and (Suzie) can play! We're taking turns on the tambourine. 1 - 2 - 3!"

With this simple song we are working on gross motor skills and social skills. The kids must extend their arms to hit the tambourine on the most basic level. For the older kids you can add variations such as right or left hand only, reaching high and low, and crossing body midline. Not only are we working on improving gross motor skills, we are simultaneously working on social skills. Many music interventions work on taking turns like this one, but I love that the Tambourine Song also helps improve kids ability to wait their turn. You can see how eager even the infants are in the video to have their turn to hit the tambourine! When using this song with preschoolers or older kids they most likely will want to play this "game" standing up. Give them a special marker on the carpet/floor that is their own place and part of the "game" is to stay in your spot and wait for the tambourine to be presented to them to hit. Use the variations above to make it more fun for them, let them take a turn being the leader if they can, and ask them if they want to go faster and faster!

Across many age groups and abilities my students love this song! It works in my classes and at home, and I hope it does the same for you.

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Thanks for being you and making music with me at!

Sarah jane


Music Tools: The Seatbelt Song.... to help with transitions and bonding - Bringing you music tools for early childhood & kids with special needs.

Hello! I have been talking about doing a video blog for a while now and this is my first official go at it! As a mom, small business owner, and busy bee in life I kept making excuses to not start THAT day. Today I am excited to begin and feel amazing support to help push me through. Thanks for reading! My goal is to share ideas and music tools that will help support kids in early childhood and their development. This blog is created with not only parents in mind, but also other caregivers, educators, and therapists.

Today's song is called "Wiggly Jiggly Car" by Elizabeth Schwartz, professor at Molloy College and co-founder of Raising Harmony, Music Therapy for Young Children. Raising Harmony is the home of Sprouting Melodies Early Childhood Music Program which I am proud to be a part of and offer classes for in Buffalo, NY.

This song is designed as a bonding song, but is also a great transition song. In my home I sing this to help ease the challenge of getting my son in his car seat, as well as to bond with him and reassure the safety I provide when my arms are wrapped around him tight. This song can be done with caregivers having the child on their lap, or in a group setting with just the kids doing the motions. They love the anticipation of waiting for the Wiggly Jiggly bouncing part and the curve so go ahead! Ham it up!

The idea is to use this song in a fun environment at home or music class, then reintroduce it as a transition song when you need it most in the car. This has been helpful in my house, I hope it will make the car ride a little bit easier for both you and your little one.

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Thanks for being you and making music with me at

Sarah jane




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Music Ideas for Littles: Pot & Pan Jam Session

Looking for a fun music idea for your little at home? Have you ever had a Pot & Pan Jam?

Here's some musical fun for you and your family using items you might already have around the house. Just choose some pots and pans to play like drums and put them on the floor for your little. Let them help with the pattern of how they're laid out. They will probably enjoy being part of the set up process.  Although you may think of this as being a loud activity, you can help keep the volume down with these 3 tips. 

TIP #1 - It's all about what you use for a mallet. A spoon or hard item will make a louder sound, but a mallet with a soft end will make a softer sound. Make your own mallet by hot gluing a small bouncy ball to the end of a stick or even a pencil (unsharpened of course)!

TIP #2 - Keeping the pans on the carpet will help to dampen the sound and volume too. Try that instead of actually in the kitchen with a harder floor surface.

TIP #3 - Try different materials in your kitchen. Plastic bowls will make a softer sound than the metal, and you can simulate a guiro instrument with scraping a colander or cheese grater.


Take this idea and expand on it with your own imagination.  You and your child can explore different textures, sounds, and shapes with stuff you probably already had in your kitchen!

Thanks for being you and making music with me @