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Music Ideas for Littles: Pot & Pan Jam Session

Looking for a fun music idea for your little at home? Have you ever had a Pot & Pan Jam?

Here's some musical fun for you and your family using items you might already have around the house. Just choose some pots and pans to play like drums and put them on the floor for your little. Let them help with the pattern of how they're laid out. They will probably enjoy being part of the set up process.  Although you may think of this as being a loud activity, you can help keep the volume down with these 3 tips. 

TIP #1 - It's all about what you use for a mallet. A spoon or hard item will make a louder sound, but a mallet with a soft end will make a softer sound. Make your own mallet by hot gluing a small bouncy ball to the end of a stick or even a pencil (unsharpened of course)!

TIP #2 - Keeping the pans on the carpet will help to dampen the sound and volume too. Try that instead of actually in the kitchen with a harder floor surface.

TIP #3 - Try different materials in your kitchen. Plastic bowls will make a softer sound than the metal, and you can simulate a guiro instrument with scraping a colander or cheese grater.


Take this idea and expand on it with your own imagination.  You and your child can explore different textures, sounds, and shapes with stuff you probably already had in your kitchen!

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