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Music Tools: The Seatbelt Song.... to help with transitions and bonding - Bringing you music tools for early childhood & kids with special needs.

Hello! I have been talking about doing a video blog for a while now and this is my first official go at it! As a mom, small business owner, and busy bee in life I kept making excuses to not start THAT day. Today I am excited to begin and feel amazing support to help push me through. Thanks for reading! My goal is to share ideas and music tools that will help support kids in early childhood and their development. This blog is created with not only parents in mind, but also other caregivers, educators, and therapists.

Today's song is called "Wiggly Jiggly Car" by Elizabeth Schwartz, professor at Molloy College and co-founder of Raising Harmony, Music Therapy for Young Children. Raising Harmony is the home of Sprouting Melodies Early Childhood Music Program which I am proud to be a part of and offer classes for in Buffalo, NY.

This song is designed as a bonding song, but is also a great transition song. In my home I sing this to help ease the challenge of getting my son in his car seat, as well as to bond with him and reassure the safety I provide when my arms are wrapped around him tight. This song can be done with caregivers having the child on their lap, or in a group setting with just the kids doing the motions. They love the anticipation of waiting for the Wiggly Jiggly bouncing part and the curve so go ahead! Ham it up!

The idea is to use this song in a fun environment at home or music class, then reintroduce it as a transition song when you need it most in the car. This has been helpful in my house, I hope it will make the car ride a little bit easier for both you and your little one.

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