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Life Rhythm Music Therapy helps people grow & develop through music. 

We use fun, creative music experiences to help work on individual goals. 






Who do we work with? We work with people of all ages and abilities, some needing therapy services and others just with a love of music. As Music Therapists our specialization is working with kids and adults with special needs such as autism, developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities. Our work also spans across generations to include work with families, adults, older adults with dementia and Alzheimer's disease, as well as hospice and end of life care.   




What is Music Therapy? Music Therapy is an established allied health profession grounded by years of supportive research. Board-Certified Music Therapists use music interventions to address clinical, therapeutic non-musical goals. These developmental goals may include improving speech and communication skills, social, emotional, and behavior issues, cognitive and academic skills, as well as increasing gross and fine motor skills. Where other therapies usually address one goal area at a time, Music Therapy can address multiple goals in each evidence-based, music intervention, increasing the value of our service. MT is recognized as a related service for school age kids by the Department of Education. Music  Therapists are nationally board-certified, and held to standards of practice and ethics codes. 




How can we help? Goals addressed include:
* Improving speech and communication skills 

 * Increasing social skills, cognitive skills, academic skills

* Decreasing negative behaviors, regulating emotions, expressing feelings

* Improving gross and fine motor function